About Me

Let's Get Shit DoneSo this is me…I’m a young woman in my late twenties living near London, UK. I think the best way to introduce myself is to just list things that I love. That should tell you everything you need to know really. By the way I love lists, you’ll get that idea fairly quickly.

Dogs, organisation, music, naps (well…sleep of any sort), dance, diet coke, sunny days, Finding Nemo (well…Dory), The Lion King, baby animals, and last but not least, penguins. What a shock, eh! I’ve lost count of the number of penguin-themed items I have – everyone knows they can’t go wrong by buying me anything penguin-themed for my birthday or Christmas. I have endless cuddly/plush penguin toys, a penguin blanket, penguin cushions, penguin art, penguin notebooks & pens, books about penguins, penguin scarves, penguin onesie, penguin hoodie, penguin PJs and most excitingly….a set of dog gear/accessories using penguin fabric specially made by my friend.

Anyway, I digress. This is my first blog. I’ve journalled privately in the past, but never considered doing it online or for others to see. So this is my attempt at ‘blogging’ (ach I hate that word), not really writing for anyone other than myself, but if it interests or rings true for anyone then that’s a bonus! Basically, I have no frickin’ clue what I’m aiming to get from this but let’s see where it goes!

But back to penguins…they’re just so awesome. Seriously. Have you seen how clumsy they are??? Just search “penguins falling over” and there’s millions of results! And look how fluffy baby penguins are!!!!! Look, just look:Baby Penguin

AWWWWW!!!! They’re so cute.

And just…AWWWW.

I can’t….I can’t even!! AWWWW.


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